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Central drive systems offer a wide performance range based on a modular design. Various closed-loop control units make it possible to combine groups of drives to form a higher-level control system. The 2-axis modules enable space-saving module configurations.



Central drive systems with SIMODRIVE 611

Central drive systems offer a wide performance range based on a modular design. Various closed-loop control units make it possible to combine groups of drives to form a higher-level control system.

The 2-axis modules enable space-saving module configurations.

SIMODRIVE 611 is a flexible, energy-saving configurable converter system that is designed to meet the economic and technical demands made on modern machines.

With SIMODRIVE 611, Siemens provides a converter system with digital closed-loop controls which meets the highest demands in terms of dynamic response, speed setting range, and smooth

running characteristics.

The converter system’s modular design makes it possible to configure drive systems with a virtually unlimited number of axes or main spindles.

The control units are inserted into the power modules.

The power modules are dependent on the power required by the motors. The infeed module is determined by the required DC link power.

The infeed module is used to connect a SIMODRIVE 611 system group to a low-voltage system with grounded neutral point (TN line supply).

All modules in the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system are of uniform modular design. The interfaces for power supply and communication, as well as the interfaces between control units and power

modules, are standardized.

The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system is designed for operation in industrial environments in grounded TN-S and TN-C systems (VDE 0100, Part 300). For other network configurations, an upstream

transformer with isolated windings must be used on the secondary side in a star connection with grounded neutral point (YN connection group). For voltage matching to other line supply voltages,

matching transformers in economy circuit can be used for TN-S and TN-C systems. You can find transformer types matched to the SIMODRIVE 611 infeed modules under Line interfaces for voltage


The infeed modules contain a 6-pulse three-phase bridge connection (B6). Ensure that compatibility is maintained for operation on residual-current protective devices (EN 50178/VDE 0160 Section; Type B).

The line filters assigned to the 16 kW and 36 kW I/R modules will restrict the leakage currents to below 150 mA.

As an alternative, an isolating transformer with secondary-side YN connection must be used in conjunction with another protective measure (N connected to housing) against hazardous leakage

currents to disconnect residual-current systems which do not achieve the compatibility required.


For satisfactory and reliable operation of the drive system, original components of the SIMODRIVE system and the original Siemens accessories as described in this catalog and in configuration

manuals, functional descriptions or user manuals should be used.

The user must observe the configuring instructions.

Combinations that differ from the configuring instructions – also in conjunction with non-Siemens products require a special agreement.

If no original components are used, for example for repairs, approvals such as UL, EN, Safety Integrated, etc. can become invalid and thus the operation authorization for the machine with the

non-Siemens components installed becomes invalid.

All of the approvals, certificates, declarations of conformity, test certificates, e.g. CE, UL, Safety Integrated etc. have been performed with the associated system components as they are described

in the catalogs and configuration manuals.

The certificates are only valid if the products are used with the described system components, are installed according to the installation guidelines and are used for their intended purpose.

In other cases, the vendor of these products is responsible for arranging that new certificates are issued..

Technical specifications


System performance data


Line connection

380 V1)/ 400 V/415 V 3 AC ± 10% 480 V 3AC - 10 /+ 6%

Unregulated infeed UI

5/10/28 kW (6.7/13.4/37.5 HP)

Regulated infeed with feedback I/R

16/36/55/80/120 kW (21.5/48.3/73.8/107/161 HP)

DC link voltage VDC link


  • Unregulated


  • At 380 V1)/400 V/415 V 3 AC ± 10 %

435 V1)/490 ... 595 V/505 ... 616 V DC

  • At 480 V 3 AC - 10/ % + 6 %

580 ... 710 V DC

  • Regulated


  • At 380 V1)/400 V 3 AC

600 V DC

  • At 415 V 3 AC

625 V DC

Power modules

3 ... 200 A AC

Output voltage, max.

3 AC VDC link/1.4 up to 200 A

Motors types that can be used2)


  • Synchronous motor as feed drive


  • Asynchronous/synchronous motor as main spindle drive


  • Non-Siemens motors

If these are suitable



1) With derating.

 2) Incremental encoder sin/cos 1 Vpp or absolute encoder, EnDat or resolver for SIMODRIVE 611 universal HRS.


More information


For further information, please refer to the Configuration Manual SIMODRIVE 611 digital, Drive Converters and the EMC Guidelines for SINUMERIK, SIROTEC, SIMODRIVE, SIMOTION, SINAMICS S120. For suitable cables, see Connection system MOTION-CONNECT.



Order No.

Configuration Manual SIMODRIVE 611 digital, Drive Converters

  • German


  • English


  • Italian


  • French


  • Spanish





The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system consists of:

  • Control units adapted to the respective application technologies and motor types
  • Power modules
  • UI or I/R infeed modules
  • Line filters: Line filters, Wideband Line Filters or Basic Line Filters
  • HFD line reactors with damping resistor
  • Special modules
  • Supplementary system components

Various cooling methods are available for the power-dependent infeed and drive modules:

  • Internal cooling
  • External cooling
  • Hose cooling for 300 mm wide modules


Easy handling, simple assembly and wiring are among the main requirements to be fulfilled by the design of the converter modules. As a result of the consistent 50 mm mounting grid and the connection of power, signal and bus cables, it is possible to implement customer-focused solutions.

  • Width of all modules in 50 mm (1.97 in) grid
  • Height of all modules is 480 mm (18.90 in)1)
  • Depth of the modules without connectors and optional mounted accessories referred to the mounting surface is:
  1. mm (11.34 in) with internal cooling or hose cooling
  2. mm (9.09 in) with external cooling2)

The converter system is designed for installation in control cabinets which conform with the relevant standards for machine tool applications, in particular EN 60204.

The housings of the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system modules are enclosed and EMC-compatible as specified in EN 60529 (IEC 60529). The electrical system is designed to conform to EN 50178 (VDE 0160) and EN 60204. CE Declarations of Conformity exist.

The requirements of the configuration manual must always be observed. Particular attention should be paid to the system characteristics and short-circuit rating.


Design of the drive modules (here, a power module with internal cooling)

The drive modules of the SIMODRIVE 611 drive converter system comprise the following components depending on the application:

  • Power module
  • Control unit
  • Device bus cable, drive bus cable
  • Option module

The drive modules are connected to the infeed modules of the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system.

1) Including fixing lugs. The dimensions for ventilating air deflectors, shield connection plates, mounted fans and hose cooling are not included.

2) Without insertion depth of heat sink in the ventilation shaft.

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