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With SIMATIC ET 200 a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine, as well as for applications in hazardous areas. The modular design makes it possible to scale and expand the ET 200 systems simply and in small stages. Already integrated add-on modules reduce costs, and at the same time offer a widely diverse range of possible applications. You can choose from many different combination options: Digital and analog inputs/outputs, intelligent modules with CPU functionality, safety systems, motor starters, pneumatic devices, frequency converters, as well as various different technology modules (e.g. for counting, positioning).


  • Distributed I/O system to degree of protection IP20 with minimal wiring outlay, also for extremely time-critical tasks such as high-speed closed-loop controls
  • Can be used with integrated S7-CPU as mini PLC:
  • also available as fail-safe PROFIsafe version
  • with optional lower-level PROFIBUS DP
  • Bit-modular design for exact adaptation to the automation task in hand.
  • Interface modules available with PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET interfaces
  • Can be combined from digital and analog in/output modules, technology modules, motor starters and frequency converters for the control of drives up to 7.5 or 4 kW.
  • Exchange of modules during operation (hot swapping), permanent wiring with multi-conductor connection
  • Channel-specific diagnostics for high availability
  • Can be supplied with integrated fiber optic interface if required
  • Transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s
  • FastConnect using unstripped quick connection technology, screw or spring-loaded terminals
  • Ex approval to Cat. 3 for Zone 2 acc. to ATEX100 a
  • Slot reservation with spare modules
  • Failsafe DI modules with safety-related signal processing according to PROFIsafe
  • Option handling – for simplest management of machine options


  • Block I/O to degree of protection IP20 with 32 channels, comprising terminal block and electronic block
  • Discretely modular expansion to maximum of 128 channels or 12 modules
  • The complete ET 200S module spectrum can be used (with the exception of PROFIsafe modules)
  • Separation of terminal connections and electronics with permanent wiring
  • Screw-type and spring-loaded terminal connections
  • Standard terminal block with 2-wire connection system; 3-wire and 4-wire systems available using additional terminals
  • Mounting on standard rail
  • Hot swapping of expansion modules
  • Communication via PROFIBUS
  • Up to 100 byte inputs and outputs (address space)

The SIMATIC ET 200S is a distributed I/O system to degree of protection IP20. It comprises:

  • Interface module with PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface, alternatively with integrated CPU
  • Input/output modules
  • Technology modules
  • Frequency converters and motor starters for three-phase loads

Its extensive module spectrum and system-wide handling of configuring, installing and programming tasks make the ET 200S well-suited as a universal I/O system.

The discretely modular design ensures fast and optimum adaptation to system requirements:

  • No need to keep spares
  • No superfluous channels

Even when requirements change frequently, replacement or combining of different I/O modules can noticeably reduce setting-up times.

With a data signaling rate of up to 12 Mbit/s on the PROFIBUS DP and extremely powerful internal data transport capabilities, the ET 200S is also eminently suitable for extremely time-critical applications.

Two different variants are available for integrating safety technology with ET 200S.

  • With conventional wiring, SIGUARD components achieve Safety Category 4 according to EN 954-1 with motor starter applications
  • PROFIsafe components replace the wiring-based safety logic with a freely-programmable controller. This has the following advantages for the customer:
  • Programming in the familiar STEP 7 programming environment in the LAD and FBD languages;
  • no separate tool is required for programming or configuration
  • The safety program executes in the same controller as the standard program;
  • a separate controller is not required
  • Safety-related data can be transferred over the same fieldbus cable as standard data;
  • no additional wiring of the safety-related inputs and outputs is necessary
  • Safety-related inputs and outputs can be combined with standard inputs and outputs within a DP station; no additional safety-related DP nodes (stations) are necessary

The design of the ET 200S allows it to be used in areas subject to increased mechanical stress.

The system characteristics meet high plant availability requirements.

The following components are available for the ET 200S distributed I/O system:

Interface module IM 151

for connecting the PROFIBUS DP (IM 151-1, IM 151-7) or PROFINET (IM 151-3, IM 151-8) to the ET 200S Station. The terminating module is included in the scope of delivery of the interface modules.

IM 151-1 BASIC for connecting up to 12 I/O modules (all types, except for PROFIsafe and spare modules) to PROFIBUS DP; RS485 Sub-D connector is used for connecting to the bus

IM 151-1 COMPACT with integral digital inputs and outputs. The IM 151-1 COMPACT can be expanded with up to 12 I/O modules (all types, except for PROFIsafe and spare modules); RS485 Sub-D connector is used for connecting to PROFIBUS DP. The IM 151-1 COMPACT is available in two variants:

  • IM 151-1 COMPACT 32DI with 32 digital inputs
  • IM 151-1 COMPACT 16DI/16DO with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital 0.5 A outputs

IM 151-1 STANDARD and IM 151-1 FO STANDARD for connecting up to 63 I/O modules (all types, except for PROFIsafe) to PROFIBUS DP; RS485 Sub-D connector or integral fiber-optic connection can be used alternatively for connecting to the bus

IM 151-1 HIGH-FEATURE for connecting up to 63 I/O modules (all types, except for isochronous mode) to PROFIBUS DP; RS485 Sub-D connector is used for connecting to the bus

IM 151-3 PN for the connection of max. 63 I/O modules (all types except PROFIsafe and spare modules) to PROFINET I/O-Controller; bus connection via RJ45 plug

IM 151-7/CPU or IM 151-7/CPU FO as above, but with integral CPU 314 of SIMATIC S7-300 for preprocessing the process data; PROFIBUS DP connector is used for connection to the bus

I/O modules

Power modules for specific grouping of load and encoder supply voltages and their monitoring

Electronic modules for process data exchange

  • Digital electronic modules for connecting digital sensors and actuators with 2, 4 or 8 channels
  • Analog electronic modules for connecting analog sensors and actuators with 2 or 4 channels
  • IO link module for connecting IO link sensors and actuators
  • Technology modules Electronic modules with integrated technological functions such as Count, Position, Exchange Data, PtP Communication, Weigh, DMS applications, etc.
  • Frequency converter and motor starter modules
  • Burkert valves

Terminal modules

support the electrical and mechanical interconnection of the I/O modules and contain the terminals for process wiring. Screw-type terminals, spring-loaded terminals and the non-strip fast connection system "FastConnect" are available. The latter provides time savings of up to 60 % for wiring up.

TM-P Terminal modules for power modules

TM-E Terminal modules for electronic modules

TM-C Terminal modules for IM 151-1 COMPACT

TM-C Terminal modules for motor starters and frequency converters


Manuals The manuals for the decentralized I/O system ET 200S can be downloaded in the languages German, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish or French via Internet (SIMATIC Customer Support, ). The manuals are also available on the SIMATIC Manual Collection CD.

Sheet of labels DIN A4, preperforated, in various colors, for printing identification labels on laser printers

Terminating module Spare part, supplied as standard with IM 151

Shield connection Shield connecting element, shield terminal, ground terminal, 3 x 10 mm copper voltage bus; components for the low-impedance connection of cable shielding at low cost of installation

Labels For numbering the terminal modules, preprinted or blank

Color-coded labels For individual color-coding of the terminals on the TM-P, TM-C and TM-E terminal modules, different colors are available individually packed


The ET 200S is designed with permanent wiring. In the process, the terminal module is snapped onto a DIN rail (35 x 15 x 7.5 mm) and can be pre-wired and tested without an I/O module. In addition, this design supports the removal and insertion of I/O modules during energization for the replacement of modules in RUN mode and for rapid error locating with regard to the affected module without having to turn off the power (hot swapping).

The automatic coding of the I/O modules reliably prevents the risk of injury to persons and/or destruction of modules through accidental mounting of the wrong module.

Only a few rules have to be observed when configuring an ET 200S station:

Expansion limits

The configuration limits for an ET 200S station vary in accordance with the interface module used. The following parameters can limit the configuration scope:

  • Number of I/O modules that can be plugged in; 12 or 63 I/O modules can be plugged in depending on the interface module
  • The maximum permissible width of an ET 200S station is 1 m or 2 m depending on the interface module.
  • The maximum address space for all I/O modules plugged in is 88 byte, 100 byte, 128 byte or 244 byte (for input and output data) depending on the interface module. This limit is not applicable to the CPU versions
  • The maximum number of parameters is restricted to 244 byte per station. This limit is not applicable to the CPU versions With STEP 7 V5.3 SP3 and higher, stations with more than 244 byte of parameters can also be configured using the IM 151-1 High Feature and Standard (6ES7 151-1AA05-0AB0 and higher)

Configuring rules

  • The first I/O module of an ET 200S station must always be a power module (with the exception of ET 200S COMPACT)
  • The thermal continuous current, per voltage group, for the load or encoder supply can be up to 10 A
  • With the exception of the following modules, all the electronic modules must be operated in a load group supplied with 24 V DC: The electronic modules within a load group may be combined as desired
    • 2 DI 120 V AC: Operation in 120 V AC load group
    • 2 DI 230 V AC: Operation in 230 V AC load group
    • 2 DO 120/230 V AC: Operation in 120 V AC or 230 V AC load group, depending on the load
    • 4 DI 24 to 8 V UC: Operation in load group with the required supply voltage: 24 to 48 V AC or DC

Terminal modules

Various terminal modules are available for a very wide range of requirements. The TM-P, TM-C and TM-E are also available with screw-type or spring-loaded terminals. All TM-P and TM-E of 15 mm width can be supplied alternatively with the no-strip fast connection terminals "FastConnect".

Depending on the selected combination of I/O and terminal module, differing terminal assignments result.

A universal terminal module TM-E15x26-A1 is available for universal applications with electronic modules. This supports all the connection types including 3-wire connection for 4-channel digital modules with electronic modules of 15 mm width. The precise pinouts for the different combinations are listed in the manual.

Additional information is available in the Internet under:

Mode of operation

Via PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET a central controller can access the I/O modules of the ET 200S in the same way as central I/O modules.

Communication is handled entirely by the master interface (in the central controller) and in the IM 151. Interference-free internal data transport is using shielded leads.

Comprehensive, channel-specific and easy-to-program diagnostics with clear text messages allow for the localization and correction of plant errors in the shortest time and significantly increases availability.

Configuration, parameterization and diagnostics

The configuration and parameterization of the ET 200S is achieved using STEP 7 or the configuration tool of the PROFIBUS master or PROFINET controller used.

During plant configuration it should be assured that the selected PROFIBUS DP-master has sufficient resources available for the DP network.

The ET 200S and its I/O modules provide the user with complete and channel-specific diagnostic information. For example, integrated, electronic short-circuit protection for the sensor power supply of digital HF input modules reduces troubleshooting to a minimum, thus increasing the availability of the plant. A diagnostic package with function blocks for SIMATIC S7-CPU and images for various OPs is provided at no charge for the simple evaluation of diagnostic information.

General technical specifications

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

0 … 60 °C

Vibration resistance

2 g continuously, 5 g temporarily (motor starter max. 2 g)

Maximum configuration (none of the limits listed below must be exceeded)

Number of modules per IM 151, max.

IM 151-1 BASIC: Up to 12 modules

IM 151-1 COMPACT: Up to 12 modules

IM 151-1 STANDARD: Up to 63 modules

IM 151-1 HIGH-FEATURE: Up to 63 modules

IM 151-7 CPU: Up to 63 modules

IM 151-3 PN: Up to 63 modules

Line width, max.

IM 151-1 BASIC: Up to 2 m

IM 151-1 COMPACT: Up to 2 m

IM 151-1 STANDARD: Up to 2 m

IM 151-1 HIGH-FEATURE: Up to 2 m

IM 151-7 CPU: Up to 1 m

IM 151-3 PN: Up to 2 m

User data length

Depending on the number and type of connected modules

IM 151-1 BASIC: Up to 88 byte for inputs and outputs

IM 151-1 COMPACT: Up to 100 byte for inputs and outputs

IM 151-1 STANDARD: Up to 244 byte for inputs and outputs

IM 151-1 HIGH-FEATURE: Up to 244 byte for inputs and outputs

IM 151-7 CPU: Not relevant

IM 151-3 PN: 256 byte

Parameter length

Depending on the number and type of connected modules

IM 151-1 BASIC: 198 byte

IM 151-1 COMPACT: 218 byte

IM 151-1 STANDARD: Up to 244 byte

IM 151-1 HIGH-FEATURE: Up to 244 byte

IM 151-7 CPU: Not relevant

IM 151-3 PN: Not relevant

Requirements of the DP master system


In accordance with EN 50170

Parameter length

>32 byte, depending on the number and type of connected modules

User data length

Depending on the number and type of connected modules

Diagnostics length

17 … 64 byte (adjustable)

Standards and approvals


EN 50170, Volume 2

IEC 1131

IEC 1131, Part 2


acc. to UL508 standard, File No. E 116536/E 75310 (AC modules)


AS/NZS 2064 (Class A)


acc. to standard C22.2 No. 142, File No. LR 48323/LR 44226 (AC modules)

cULus for hazardous locations

acc. to UL 508 standard, File No. E 116536 acc. to hazardous locations UL 1604, File no. E 222109 acc. to CSA C22.2 standard, No. 142


Standard Class No. 3611, Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC (without motor starter and frequency converter)


American Bureau of Shipping

Bureau Veritas

Det Norske Veritas

Germanischer Lloyd

Lloyds Register of Shipping

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

(without motor starters and frequency converters)

Ex approval Cat. 3 (for Zone 2 acc. to ATEX–100a)

EN 50021

(without frequency converters)


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