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With SIMATIC ET 200 a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine, as well as for applications in hazardous areas. The modular design makes it possible to scale and expand the ET 200 systems simply and in small stages. Already integrated add-on modules reduce costs, and at the same time offer a widely diverse range of possible applications. You can choose from many different combination options: Digital and analog inputs/outputs, intelligent modules with CPU functionality, safety systems, motor starters, pneumatic devices, frequency converters, as well as various different technology modules (e.g. for counting, positioning).

  • Failsafe distributed I/O system to degree of protection IP30 for use in hazardous gaseous and dusty areas, i.e. in Zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22
  • Sensors and actuators can also be situated directly in Zone 0 or 20
  • Individual configuration and flexible expansion with the modular design for optimization to the respective automation task
  • Independent wiring enables prewiring without the electronics connected
  • Optimized for integration into process control systems (e.g. SIMATIC PCS 7)
  • Parameters can be assigned using SIMATIC PDM
  • Optimal integration of HART field devices (HART transparency)
  • Connection to PROFIBUS DP via isolating transformers
  • Module replacement (hot swapping) and configuration expansion (Configuration in Run) possible during operation
  • Extensive diagnostics possibilities
  • Condensation-proof modules in temperature range -20°C to +70°C
  • EMC in accordance with NE 21 (on Namur recommendation)
  • Full redundancy of PROFIBUS and power supply

The ET200iSP distributed I/O system is designed in degree of protection IP30.  It is used wherever explosion protection for gases and dust is required in accordance with device group I and II.The ET200iSP system is designed in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC required for the European market when introducing new devices into areas subject to explosion hazard. The design of the system also enables use under increased mechanical load such as are found on oil platforms. The system consists of terminal modules to which the relevant function units such as the power supply, interface module and electronics modules are connected. Thanks to this selective design, the system can be adapted optimally to plant-specific requirements in areas subject to explosion hazard. This enables, for example, fast replacement of individual functional units under power. In the event of a fault, only small plant sections are affected since only a few channels are processed in one module. Use of an ET200iSP station enables significant savings compared to a conventional design. There is no need for isolating stages or sub-distribution boards and cabling costs are reduced since the station functions locally like a terminal block. Startup and troubleshooting are simplified thanks to the extensive diagnostics facilities. As well as analog input modules and analog output module with and without HART functionality, the existing range of input/output modules also encompasses digital input/output modules whose functionality can be parameterized.The system is optimally adapted to use with SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS7 – use on other process control systems and SIMATIC S5 is possible by means of integration using a GSD file.

One distributed I/O station (= remote I/O) ET 200iSP comprising:


  • One terminal module for the power supply unit, as well as the relevant power supply module in degree of protection EX d (explosion-proof enclosure)
  • One terminal module for the PROFIBUS interface module, as well as the relevant IM 152 interface module.
  • In the case of a single PROFIBUS interface module, there is another slot on the terminal module for an electronics module. If the PROFIBUS interface module is used redundantly, a terminal module is available that can accommodate two IM 152.
  • Up to 32 terminal modules for electronics modules, as well as digital and analog electronics modules for plugging into them. One terminal module can accommodate 2 electronics modules.
  • One termination module included in the scope of supply of the terminal modules for IM 152.


The station is assembled on an S7-300 mounting rail in accordance with the above list, starting with the terminal module of the power supply unit, then the terminal module for the PROFIBUS interface module, followed by the desired terminal modules for the electronics modules.

When the terminal modules are connected, it is possible to wire them and check the wiring even before any electronics modules are connected.

The relevant electronics modules are plugged into the terminal modules.

The electronics modules used are mechanically key coded on first use.

The terminal modules and electronics modules are installed without tools.

The maximum configuration is limited by the 32 electronics modules, corresponding to a station length of 107 cm.

The maximum possible number of modules can be limited by the current consumption of the actual modules used. Up to 16 modules can be used without restriction. With a higher degree of expansion, the configuring rule must be observed.

In the areas subject to explosion hazard, PROFIBUS must be managed with intrinsic safety by means of a suitable fieldbus isolating transformer (RS 485IS coupler).

The 24-V connection to the power supply terminal is carried out using EX e terminals. This connection must not be disconnected under Ex conditions. The incoming power supply must be installed in the safe area.

For use in areas subject to explosion hazard, installation in a suitable EX enclosure is required (varies according to zone, e.g. an EX enclosure IP54 for Zone 1).


The following accessories can be supplied for the ET 200iSP:


  • Pre-perforated DIN A4 labeling sheets in different colors for electronics modules, machine printable
  • Slot number plate for identifying the terminal modules

Operating mode

Through PROFIBUS DP (up to 1.5 Mbit/s), a central PLC can access the electronic modules of the ET 200iSP station just like a central I/O module. Communication is handled by the master interface in the central PLC and the interface module of the ET 200iSP (= IM 152-1). The diagnostics integrated in the system reduce startup and debugging times.

The physical bus setup for devices in hazardous areas requires special protective measures. The method of the intrinsically safe PROFIBUS has been selected for ET 200iSP. This demands segmentation and power limiting on the bus (PROFIBUS RS 485-IS).

A commercially available "Fieldbus isolating transformer" (RS 485IS coupler) is used for this purpose. It can be installed in areas up to Zone 2. This converts the PROFIBUS DP to an intrinsically safe PROFIBUS RS 485-IS, which allows modules to be plugged and pulled – even under potentially explosive conditions.


An ET 200iSP station can be connected to higher level PLCs as a DP V0 or DP V1 slave.

In an S7/ PCS 7 environment, configuration and parameterization of an ET 200iSP station is executed using SIMATIC STEP 7 hardware manager. This defines the station design (which module where).

This software is opened by double-clicking one of the implemented modules/stations.

Software requirements

  • SIMATIC STEP 7, Version 5.3 + SP1 incl. Hardware Support Package (HSP)
  • SIMATIC PCS 7, Version V6.1
  • For configuring HART field devices, the current version of the PDM configuring software is required.

Configuring in non-Siemens systems and older PCS 7/STEP 7 versions

In all other applications, the configuration of the station must be relayed to the PROFIBUS DP network through the GSD file.

In this case, parameterization is carried out through PDM, whereby a comparison of the configuration between PDM and GSD file is not possible. It is not possible to commission an ET 200iSP without the PDM configuration software.

The parameters of this module can then be defined in the PDM dialog fields, such as alarm limits for analog modules, sensor selection for digital modules, settings for the release of analog values and the output of HART commands for analog HART modules.



Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

-20°C … +70°C

Medial load

In accordance with ISA-S71.04 severity level G1 ;G2 ;G3 (with the exception of NH3 here only Level G2)


Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with NE21


0.5 g continuously, 1 g periodically

Approvals, standards



II 2 G (1) GD

I M2


Zone 1


Zone 1


Class I,II,II


Class I


Class I,II,II


Class I


EN 50170, Volume 2


IEC 61131, Part 2


In accordance with 94/9/EG (ATEX 100a), 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC

Shipbuilding approval

Classification companies

  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • BV (Bureau Veritas)
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
  • GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
  • LRS (Lloyds Register of Shipping)
  • Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)



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