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A finely graded range of HMI devices is available for local operator control and monitoring. These include Push Button Panels and Micro Panels up to Mobile Panels, Basic Panels, Panels and Multi Panels. HMI devices with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection for distributed configurations are available for applications with especially high requirements with regard to ruggedness.

Push Button Panels

Push Button Panels (PP) are the innovative alternative to conventionally wired operator keypads. Supplied pre-assembled and ready for installation, the bus-compatible operator panels are the key to drastically reducing wiring times when compared with conventional methods.

Micro Panels

Designed specifically for applications with the SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC, either with text display (TD) or pixel-graphics display, as operator panels (OP) with membrane keyboard or touch screen (TP).

Mobile Panels

The portable operator panels facilitate operator control and monitoring at the actual scene of the event with direct access and visual contact to the process. They provide simple and safe reconnection during operation (Mobile Panel 177 and Mobile Panel 277) or wireless freedom (Mobile Panel 277 (F) IWLAN) and can therefore be used flexibly on a machine or system.

Basic Panels

Basic Panels offer basic HMI functionality for small machines and applications. They are available in four different display sizes from 4" to 15", with touch displays and additional keys, for connecting to PROFINET/Ethernet or PROFIBUS DP/MPI.


Graphic Panels of 70/170/270 series with pixel-graphics display in 4" or 6" for realistic presentation of operating sequences. Either as Touch Panels (TP) with touch-sensitive display, Operator Panels (OP) with membrane keyboard, or touch/key combination on the OP 177B 6" or TP 177B 4".

Multi Panels

170/270/370 series Like Panels, they can be used for operator control and monitoring and are available with touchscreens or membrane keyboards. In addition, the Multi Panels (MPs) permit installation of additional applications and thus allow integration of several automation tasks on a single platform with the PLC WinAC MP software, for example. The 370 series also encompasses an HMI device with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection and 15" touch display for distributed configurations.


The software PLC can be used in the 170/270 and 370 Multi Panels (exception: MP 370) and is ideal for complex processes in which one device must handle control and visualization tasks.


SIMATIC THIN CLIENTS are inexpensive, rugged operator stations providing panel functionality directly on-site for systems covering a relatively large area. These are used in Client-Server applications. As well as built-in units, the series also includes a device with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection and 15" touch display for distributed configurations.


Rugged and compact for use at machine level.

With degree of protection IP65/NEMA 4 on the front side, high EMC and extreme vibration resistance, the SIMATIC Operator Panels are ideally suited for the use at machine level in rough industrial environments. Thanks to their compact design with a shallow mounting depth, the stationary Operator Panels can be fitted anywhere, even where only restricted space is available. For distributed configurations, there are also devices available with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection.

The extremely rugged and shock-proof housing with degree of protection IP65 makes the Mobile Panels especially suitable for industrial applications. Their low weight and ergonomic design means that they are user-friendly and easy to operate.

One configuration software for everything

SIMATIC WinCC flexible is a tool for continued configuration of all SIMATIC Panels as well as PC-based systems with the visualization software WinCC flexible Runtime. Graded variants are available for every task. The software permits simple and efficient configuration. Programming experience is not required.

Completed configurations can be reused within the family.

Component of Totally Integrated Automation

Siemens provides the complete modular system of matched components for automation solutions from one source and – with Totally Integrated Automation – one of the most successful automation concepts worldwide. SIMATIC WinCC flexible is an integral component of this world. It offers crucial advantages. Thanks to the uniformity in configuration/programming, data management and communication, the engineering costs of an automation solution are significantly reduced.

Open for a wide variety of automation systems

Despite the consistent incorporation into the SIMATIC world, the Panels are nevertheless open for connection to PLCs from many different vendors. The standard delivery includes a comprehensive range of user-friendly drivers.

Innovative operator control and monitoring

Based on the Windows CE operating system, 70, 170, 270 and 370 Series Mobile Panels, Panels and Multi Panels permit innovative operator control and monitoring combined with ruggedness, stability and simplicity. Standard hardware and software interfaces provide more flexibility and openness to the office world, for example, the MMC/SD/CF card, USB, Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP, Visual Basic scripts or customer-specific ActiveX controls.

Worldwide application

The SIMATIC Panels are ideal for global use by design. Online language selection permits selection of up to five languages during operation simply by pressing a button. The wide variety of languages available also includes, for example, Asian logographic languages (Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese) or Russian. The configuration interface of WinCC flexible including the online help and the complete documentation is also multilingual. Up to 32 languages can be used in one project. And all this is complemented by global servicing and support from Siemens


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mp270_e Manual pdf 2/50 MB
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Op7-17_e Manual pdf 1/43 MB
Op27.37_e Manual pdf 1/49 MB
op73,op77 A,B Manual pdf 5/57 MB
op170b_e Manual pdf 2/07 MB
PanelCompare Manual pdf 173 KB
Panels_connecting_cables_V1_2_e Manual pdf 105 KB
Protool_e Manual pdf 1/49 MB
tp177a_tp177b_op177b_operating_instructions_en_US_en-US Manual pdf 6/50 MB
Users_Manual_WinCC_flexible_en-US Manual pdf 5/66 MB
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st80_e  ( CATALOG 2009 ) catalog pdf 7/98MB


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