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SITOP power supplies

In conjunction with highly sensitive electronic loads, suitable power supplies can make an important contribution to safety, service life and cost-effectiveness.

Clocked SITOP power supplies fulfill these requirements extremely well, whether

  • in the process engineering industry
  • in plant construction
  • in the automotive industry or
  • in residential areas

The high efficiency ensures low power consumption and maintains a low working temperature.

Due to SITOP's controlled and filtered output voltage, loads are safely protected against overvoltage and, therefore, failure.

Even if the input voltage has a large fluctuation range, SITOP guarantees a continuously stable output voltage in which line faults, transients and radio-frequency emissions are compensated perfectly. This increases the service life and operational reliability of the connected devices.

Last but not least, the SITOP's low weight and easy installation procedure mean that it is easy to handle, thus helping to reduce costs.

The SITOP range covers all application cases in the range 50 W to 1000 W in the 24 V sector. Depending on your requirements, controlled power supplies from 2 A to 40 A, which can be expanded to become uninterruptible power supplies, are available.

About the technology

SITOP range power supplies are controlled. Compared with a simple, uncontrolled power supply, the SITOP range has the significant advantage of offering an exact output voltage even if there is a great deal of line power variance. In addition, loads are protected against overvoltage spikes.

The controlled SITOP power supply functions according to the following principle: A rectified and filtered line voltage is switched at high frequency. The generated pulse train is then rectified and filtered again. The switching operation takes place on the line side (primary cycle). The output voltage is controlled via the pulse-duty factor; the switching frequency is constant.

Selection guides for the power supplies

To make orientation easier, the devices have been organized into the categories below:

  • SITOP 24 V: The 24 V standard power supplies, which cover most applications, are listed here according to performance class. In addition to devices with single-phase or three-phase inputs, add-ons and uninterruptible power supplies (DC UPS) are also available.
  • SITOP alternative voltages Here you will find what you need to carry out individual supply tasks at voltages greater than 24 V.
  • LOGO!Power: The LOGO!Power power supply range provides extremely small power supplies in the lower performance range, which are optimally designed to function with the LOGO! logic modules. The output voltages of 5 V to 24 V can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • SITOP PSA 100E The single-phase power supplies SITOP PSA 100E are optimally tailored to standard requirements in the industrial environment.
  • Customized power supplies: Do you require power supplies with very special characteristics? That are to be used in locations with limited space, or supply voltages with special output voltages and currents? If this is the case, you can work with us to design a customized power supply.
  • High degree of efficiency The efficiency of approximately 90 % keeps the current consumption low and the control cabinet cool.
  • Easy installation The low weight and mounting accessories support fast and therefore low-cost installation.
  • Low space requirements The high power/weight ratio means that the devices only require minimal space in the control cabinet, machines, etc.
  • Accurate output voltage The output voltage of 24 V DC remains accurate even under conditions of extreme mains voltage variation. The loads are protected from overvoltage spikes which lengthens the lifetime and reduces downtimes.
  • Low residual ripple The low residual ripple of < 0.4 % supports voltage-sensitive loads.
  • Integrated short-circuit protection No additional protection of the cables in the 24 V DC circuit is required.
  • Safe electrical isolation The output Vout is isolated from the input (output voltage SELV acc. to EN 60950). Dangerous voltages cannot arise due to electrical isolation at the output.
  • Meets the requirements of national and international standards, e.g.
    • CE marking in accordance with 89/336 EEC und 73/23 EEC
    • UL/cUL (CSA) approval
    • FM approval (Factory Mutual)
    • Marine approval
    • No release of silicon


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