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The SINAMICS G130 is a converter that can be combined very flexibly with the associated system components and integrated into customer-specific control cabinets or directly into machines.


The SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis units are available

Line voltage


380 V ... 480 V 3 AC

315 kW ... 560 kW

500 V ... 600 V 3 AC

315 kW ... 560 kW

660 V ... 690 V 3 AC

315 kW ... 800 kW





A wide range of add-on electrical components allow the drive system to be optimized for specific requirements. Configuration and commissioning are greatly simplified by predefined interfaces.

The control accuracy of the sensorless Vector Control is suitable for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders are therefore superfluous.

However, encoder evaluator modules are available for the SINAMICS G130 converters to handle applications that require an encoder for plant-specific reasons.

Communication between the Control Unit, the Power Module and other active SINAMICS components takes place via DRIVECLiQ, the drive’s internal interface. The DRIVE-CLiQ connections, which

are available as pre-assembled cables of different lengths, allow a complete converter system to be put together quickly.

A communications interface is provided as standard to communicate with the control system. There is also the option to expand the interface using digital and analog inputs and outputs. The TM31

Terminal Module and TB30 Terminal Board are available for this. Additional expansion cards can also be installed to allow communication via PROFINET and the CAN protocol.



• Particularly quiet and compact converters due to the use of state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative cooling concept

• Increase in plant availability since individual modules and power components can be replaced quickly and easily. The design of replaceable components is based on the principle that they must be

quick and easy to change. In addition, the "SparesOnWeb" Internet tool makes it easy to view the spare parts that are available for the system components ordered.

• Can be easily integrated into automation solutions due to a standard communications interface and various analog and digital interfaces.

• Easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus on the user-friendly AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel with graphical LCD and plain-text display, or from a PC using the STARTER

commissioning tool (→ Tools and configuration)

• Preset software functions make it easier to tailor the converter to the individual plant

• All components, from individual parts to the ready-to-connect cabinet, undergo rigorous testing throughout the entire production process. This guarantees a high level of functional reliability

during installation and commissioning, as well as in operation.


The SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis unit provides machine builders and plant constructors with a modular drive system that can be tailored to specific applications.

SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis units consist of two modular, stand-alone components:

• Power Module and

• Control Unit

They may be located separately from one another or combined in a single unit. The Power Module contains a slot for the Control Unit.

The Power Modules are supplied with a DRIVE-CLiQ cable for communication and a cable for the 24 V supply to the Control Unit. These cables are pre-assembled for installing the Control Unit in the

Power Module. If the two units are in a separate location, the cables must be ordered in the appropriate lengths.

The user-friendly AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the BOP20 Basic Operator Panel can be used for commissioning and local operation.

Predefined interfaces, via terminal block or PROFIBUS, make the commissioning and control of the drive much easier. The interfaces of the CU320 Control Unit can be supplemented with additional

modules, such as the plug-in TB30 Terminal Board or the TM31 Terminal Module.

If further customer interfaces are needed to communicate with the drive, an external 24 V supply must be provided.

The two following figures are helpful when it comes to assembling the required converter components correctly.

The first figure shows the structure and the individual components of a SINAMICS G130 drive. The second figure is a flowchart containing the decision and selection criteria required for the individual


Communication with higher-level control and customer’s terminal block

A communications interface on the CU320 Control Unit, the TM31 Terminal Module, the TB30 Terminal Board and expansions for supporting PROFINET and CANopen are provided as standard for

use as the customer interface.

You can use this customer’s terminal block to connect the system to the higher-level controller using analog and digital signals, or to connect additional units.

To simplify configuration and commissioning of the drive, the TM31 Terminal Module can be preset to a variety of factory settings.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Engineering Manual SINAMICS Low Voltage. The engineering manual is stored as a PDF file on the CD-ROM included with the catalog.

Open-loop and closed-loop control functions

The converter control contains a high-quality Vector Control with speed and current controls as well as motor and converter protection.

Software and protection functions

The software functions available as standard are described below:

Software and protection functions


Setpoint input

The setpoint can be defined internally or externally, internally as fixed or motorized potentiometer or jog setpoints, externally via the communications interface or an analog input of the customer’s terminal block. The internal fixed setpoint and the motorized potentiometer setpoint can be switched over or adjusted using control commands via all interfaces.

Motor identification

The automatic motor identification permits fast and simple commissioning and optimization of the drive control.

Ramp-function generator

A user-friendly ramp-function generator with separately adjustable ramp-up and ramp-down times, together with adjustable rounding times in the lower and upper speed ranges, improves the control response and therefore prevents mechanical overloading of the drive train. The ramp-down ramps can be parameterized separately for emergency stop.

Vdc max controller

The Vdc max controller automatically prevents overvoltages in the DC link if the set ramp-down ramp is too short, for example. This can also extend the set ramp-down time.

Kinetic buffering (KIP)

Line voltage failures are bridged to the extent permitted by the kinetic energy of the drive train. The speed drops depending on the moment of inertia and load torque. The current speed setpoint is resumed when the line voltage returns.

Automatic restart 1)

The automatic restart switches the drive on again when the power is restored after a power failure, and ramps up to the current speed setpoint.

Flying restart 1)

The flying restart permits bumpless connection of the converter to a rotating motor.

Technology controller

The "Technology controller" function module allows simple control functions to be implemented, e.g. level control or volumetric flow control. The technology controller is designed as a PID controller, whereby the dfferentiator can be switched to the control deviation channel or the actual value channel (factory setting). The P, I, and D components can be set separately.

Free function blocks

Drive Control Chart (DCC) is an additional tool for the easy configuration of process-oriented functions for the SINAMICS G130. The block library contains a large selection of control, arithmetic and logic blocks as well as extensive open-loop and closed-loop control functions. The user-friendly DCC editor enables easy graphical configuration and a clear representation of control loop structures as well as a high degree of reusability of existing diagrams. DCC is an add-on to the STARTER commissioning tool (Tools and configuration).

Drive Control Chart (DCC)

Drive Control Chart (DCC) is an additional tool for the easy configuration of process-oriented functions for the SINAMICS G130. The block library contains a large selection of control, arithmetic and logic blocks as well as extensive open-loop and closed-loop control functions. The user-friendly DCC editor enables easy graphical configuration and a clear representation of control loop structures as well as a high degree of reusability of existing diagrams. DCC is an add-on to the STARTER commissioning tool (# Tools and configuration).

I²t detection for motor protection

The motor temperature is calculated in a motor model stored in the converter software, taking into account the current speed and load. More exact sensing of the temperature, also taking into account the influence of the ambient temperature, is possible by means of direct temperature sensing using KTY84 sensors in the motor winding.

Evaluation of motor temperature

Motor protection by evaluating a KTY84 or PTC temperature sensor. When a KTY84 sensor is connected, the limit values can be set for alarm or shutdown. When connecting a PTC thermistor, the reaction following triggering of the PTC thermistor (alarm or shutdown) can be defined.

Motor blocking protection

A blocked motor is recognized and protected against thermal overloading by shutting down.



1) Factory setting: not activated (can be parameterized)


Safety Integrated

Safe Torque Off (STO)

Description of functions

This function prevents the drive from restarting unexpectedly in accordance with EN 60204-1, Section 5.4. Safe Torque Off disables the drive pulses and disconnects the power supply to the motor (corresponds to Stop Category 0 of EN 60204-1). The drive is reliably torque-free. This state is monitored internally in the drive.

Application, customer benefits

STO has the immediate effect that the drive cannot supply any more torque-generating energy. STO can be used wherever the drive will reach a standstill in a sufficiently short time based on the load or when coasting down of the drive will not have any relevance for safety.

Safe Stop 1 (SS1)

Description of functions

The Safe Stop 1 function can safely stop the drive in accordance with EN 60204-1, Stop Category 1. When the SS1 function is selected, the drive brakes along a quick stop ramp (OFF3) and automatically activates the Safe Torque Off when the parameterized safety delay timer runs down.

Application, customer benefits

When the stop function of the drive is activated and it does not come to a halt quickly enough due to the load inertia, it can be actively braked by the converter. This integrated quick braking function eliminates the need for costly mechanical brakes that are subject to wear.

The Safety Integrated functions STO and SS1 of SINAMICS G130 are certified by independent institutes. The appropriate external test certificates and manufacturer declarations are available from the Siemens representatives, as well as at

Power unit protection

Ground fault monitoring at output side

A ground fault on the output side is recognized by aggregate current monitoring, and results in shutdown in grounded networks.

Electronic short-circuit protection

on output side

A short-circuit (e.g. on the converter output terminals, in the motor cable or in the motor’s terminal box) is detected on the output side and the converter switches off with a fault.

Thermal overload protection

A warning message is issued first when the overtemperature threshold responds. If the temperature rises further, either a shutdown is carried out or an automatic influencing of the pulse frequency or output current takes place so that a reduction in the thermal load is achieved. After elimination of the cause of the fault (e.g., improvement in the ventilation), the original operating values are automatically resumed.




Electrical data

Line voltages and power ranges

380 ... 480 V 3 AC, ±10 % (-15 % < 1 min) 110 ... 560 kW

500 ... 600 V 3 AC, ±10 % (-15 % < 1 min) 110 ... 560 kW

660 ... 690 V 3 AC, ±10 % (-15 % < 1 min) 75 ... 800 kW

Supply systems

TN/TT line supplies or isolated supplies (IT line supplies)

Line frequency

47 ... 63 Hz

Output frequency

0 ... 300 Hz

Power factor

  • Fundamental mode

> 0.98

  • Total

0.93 ... 0.96

Converter efficiency

> 98 %

Control method

Vector Control with and without sensor or V/f control

Fixed speeds

15 fixed speeds plus 1 minimum speed, parameterizable (in the default setting, 3 fixed setpoints plus 1 minimum speed are selectable using terminal block/PROFIBUS)

Skipped speed ranges

4, parameterizable

Setpoint resolution

0.001 rpm digital

12 bit analog

Braking operation

By means of additional Braking Modules and braking resistors

Mechanical data

Degree of protection

IP00 or IP20 dependent on type

Protection classΙ

in accordance with EN 61800-5-1

Cooling method

Forced air cooling AF in accordance with EN 60146

Sound pressure level LpA (1 m)

≤ 73 dB at 50 Hz line frequency

Shock protection


Compliance with standards


EN 61800-5-1

EN 60146‑1, EN 61800‑2, EN 61800‑3, EN 60204‑1, EN 60529 1)

CE marking

In accordance with EMC directive No. 2004/108/EC and low-voltage directive No. 2006/95/EC

EMC conformance

The SINAMICS G130 converter systems are not designed for connection to the public power network ("First environment"). EMC conformance is compliant with the EMC product standard for variable-speed drives EN 61800-3, "Second environment" (industrial networks). The equipment can cause electromagnetic interference when it is connected to the public network. If supplementary measures are taken (e.g. → line filter), it can also be operated in the "First environment".


cULus (File No. E192450)





Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature

-25 ... +55 °C

‑25 ... +70 °C

from -40 °C for 24 hours

0 ... +40 °C

up to +50 °C see derating data

Relative humidity 1) (non-condensing)

5 ... 95 %

5 ... 95 % at 40 °C

5 ... 95 %


Corr. to 1K4 to EN 60721-3-1

Corr. to 2K3 to EN 60721-3-2

Corr. to 3K3 to EN 60721-3-3

Environmental class/harmful chemical

substances 1)

Class 1C2 to EN 60721-3-1

Class 2C2 to EN 60721-3-2

Class 3C2 to EN 60721-3-3

Organic/biological influences 1)

Class 1B1 to EN 60721-3-1

Class 2B1 to EN 60721-3-2

Class 3B1 to EN 60721-3-3

Installation altitude

up to 2000 m above sea level without derating, > 2000 m see derating data

Strain resistance

Vibratory load 1)

  • Deflection

1.5 mm at 5 ... 9 Hz

3.1 mm at 5 ... 9 Hz

0.075 mm at 10 ... 58 Hz

  • Acceleration

5 m/s2 at > 9 ... 200 Hz

10 m/s2 at > 9 ... 200 Hz

10 m/s2 at > 58 ... 200 Hz


Corr. to 1M2 to EN 60721-3-1

Corr. to 2M2 to EN 60721-3-2

Shock load 1)

  • Acceleration

40 m/s2 at 22 ms

100 m/s2 at 11 ms

100 m/s2 at 11 ms


Corr. to 1M2 to EN 60721-3-1

Corr. to 2M2 to EN 60721-3-2

Corr. to 3M4 to EN 60721-3-3

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