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 SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units, versions A and C


 With its SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units, Siemens is offering a drive system on which all line-side and motor-side components as well as the Power Module are integrated extremely

compactly into a specially designed cabinet enclosure. This approach minimizes the effort and expense required to configure and install them.

SINAMICS G150 has been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic and constant load characteristics, with medium performance requirements and without regenerative feedback.

The control accuracy of the sensorless Vector Control is suitable for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders are therefore superfluous.

However, the SINAMICS G150 converters are optionally available with an encoder evaluator in order to handle applications that require an encoder for plant-specific reasons.

SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units offer an economic drive solution that can be matched to customers’ specific requirements by adding from the wide range of available components and


There are two versions of the drive converter cabinet units:

   •    Version A

All available line connection components, such as the main switch, circuit-breakers, line contactor, line fuses, line filter, motor-side components, and additional monitoring devices, can be installed as

required. This version is also available with power units connected in parallel.

   •    Version C

This offers an extremely space-optimized structure without line-side components. This particularly slimline version can be used, for example, when line connection components are accommodated in

a central low-voltage distribution panel (MCC) on the plantside.

The SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are available for the following voltages and power ranges:

Line voltage

Power range for single circuit

(versions A and C)

Power range for parallel circuit

(version A)

380 ... 480 V 3 AC

110 ... 560 kW

630 ... 900 kW

500 ... 600 V 3 AC 

110 ... 560 kW

630 ... 1000 kW

660 ...  690 V 3 AC 

75 ... 800 kW

1000 ... 1500 kW

Degrees of protection are IP20 (standard), and, as an option, IP21, IP23, IP43 and IP54.

Global use

SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are manufactured in compliance with relevant international standards and regulations, and are therefore suitable for global use (→ Technical specifications).


   •    Particularly quiet and compact converters due to the use of state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative cooling concept.    •    Individual modules and power components can be replaced quickly and easily, which ensures a higher level of plant availability. The design of replaceable components is based on the principle that they must be quick and easy to change. In addition, the “SparesOnWeb” Internet tools make it easy to view the spare parts that are available for the system components ordered.    •    Can be easily integrated in automation solutions due to a communications interface supplied as standard and various analog and digital interfaces.    •    Easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus on the user-friendly AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel with graphical LCD and plain-text display, or from a PC using the STARTER commissioning tool (→ Tools and configuration)    •    Preset software functions make it easier to tailor the converter to the individual plant. For example, the key functions for controlling pumps are stored as a preprogrammed macro in the drive.    •    They have been designed as “zoned” units and therefore offer the highest possible standard of operational reliability. EMC measures have been rigorously implemented. With the help of simulated conditions, partitions have been designed to act as air guides and heat dissipation units.    •    Special measures used in the construction of the cabinets ensure that they remain mechanically durable throughout their entire life cycle. All components, from individual parts to the ready-to-connect cabinet, undergo rigorous testing throughout the entire production process. This gurarantees a high level of functional reliability during installation and commissioning, as well as in operation.


 Variable-speed drives are advantageous for all applications that involve moving, conveying, pumping or compressing solids, liquids or gases.

This means the following applications in particular:

   •    Pumps and fans

   •    Compressors

   •    Extruders and mixers

   •    Mills


SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are characterized by their compact, modular and service-friendly design.

A wide range of options is available depending on the cabinet version which permit optimum adaptation of the drive system to the respective requirements (→ Options).

 Example of design of a SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet unit, version A

 Basic design of a SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet unit with a number of version-specific options   Basic design of a SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet unit with parallel circuit in order to increase output, with a number of version-specific options



Technical specifications

Electrical data

Single circuit

Parallel circuit

Line voltages and power ranges

  • 380 V … 480 V 3 AC, ±10 % (‑15 % < 1 min)

110 kW … 560 kW

630 kW … 900 kW

  • 500 V … 600 V 3 AC, ±10 % (‑15 % < 1 min)

110 kW … 560 kW

630 kW … 1000 kW

  • 660 V … 690 V 3 AC, ±10 % (‑15 % < 1 min)

75 kW … 800 kW

1000 kW … 1500 kW

Types of supplies

TN/TT systems or isolated systems (IT systems)

Line frequency

47 Hz … 63 Hz

Output frequency

0 Hz … 300 Hz

Power factor


  • Fundamental mode

> 0.98

  • Total

0.93 … 0.96

Converter efficiency

> 98 %

Control method

Vector Control with and without sensor or V/f control

Fixed speeds

15 fixed speeds plus 1 minimum speed, parameterizable (in the default setting, 3 fixed setpoints plus 1 minimum speed are selectable using terminal block/PROFIBUS)

Skipped speed ranges

4, parameterizable

Setpoint resolution

0.001 rpm digital, 12 bit analog

Braking operation

Optional via braking unit

Mechanical data


Degree of protection

IP20 (higher degrees of protection up to IP54 optional)

Protection class I

In accordance with EN 50178 Part 1 1)

Cooling method

Forced air cooling AF in accordance with EN 60146

Sound pressure level LpA (1 m)

≤ 72 dB at 50 Hz line frequency

≤ 75 dB

Shock protection


Cabinet system

Rittal TS 8, doors with double-barb lock, three-section base plates for cable entry

Paint finish

RAL 7035 (indoor requirements)

Compliance with standards



EN 50178 1)

EN 60146‑1, EN 61800‑2, EN 61800‑3, EN 60204‑1, EN 60529 2)

CE marking

In accordance with EMC directive No. 2004/108/EC and low-voltage directive No. 2006/95/EC

EMC conformance

The SINAMICS G150 converter systems are not designed for connection to the public power network ("First environment"). EMC conformance is compliant with the EMC product standard for variable-speed drives EN 61800-3, "Second environment" (industrial networks). The equipment can cause electromagnetic interference when it is connected to the public network. If supplementary measures are taken, (e.g. line filters, → option L00), it can also be operated in the "First environment".

Ambient conditions Storage Transport Operation

Ambient temperature

-25 °C … +55 °C

-25 °C … +70 °C

from ‑40 °C for 24 hours

0 °C … +40 °C

up to +50 °C see derating data

Relative humidity 2) (non-condensing)

5 % … 95 %

5 % … 95 % at 40 °C

5 % … 95 %


Class 1K4 to EN 60721‑3‑1

Class 2K3 to EN 60721‑3‑2

Class 3K3 to EN 60721‑3‑3

Environmental class/harmful chemical substances 2)

Class 1C2 to EN 60721‑3‑1

Class 2C2 to EN 60721‑3‑2

Class 3C2 to EN 60721‑3‑3

Organic/biological influences 2)

Class 1B1 to EN 60721‑3‑1

Class 2B1 to EN 60721‑3‑2

Class 3B1 to EN 60721‑3‑3

Installation altitude

Up to 2000 m above sea level without derating, > 2000 m see derating data

Strain resistance Storage Transport Operation

Vibratory load 2)

  • Deflection

1.5 mm at 5 Hz … 9 Hz

3.1 mm at 5 Hz … 9 Hz

0.075 m at 10 Hz … 58 Hz

  • Acceleration

5 m/s2 at > 9 Hz … 200 Hz

10 m/s2 at > 9 Hz … 200 Hz

10 m/s2 at > 58 Hz … 200 Hz


Class 1M2 to EN 60721‑3‑1

Class 2M2 to EN 60721‑3‑2

Shock load 2)

  • Acceleration

40 m/s2 at 22 ms

100 m/s2 at 11 ms

100 m/s2 at 11 ms


Class 1M2 to EN 60721‑3‑1

Class 2M2 to EN 60721‑3‑2

Class 3M4 to EN 60721‑3‑3

Deviations from the defined classes are identified by underlining.

1) The EN standard specified is the European edition of international standard IEC 62103.

2) The EN standards specified are the European editions of the international IEC standards with the same designations.

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