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The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control series of converters consists of modular, high-performance components.



SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES frequency converters

Vector Control; Compact PLUS / Compact and chassis units

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control series of converters consists of modular, high-performance components that can be combined for individual applications.

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES are designed in two versions:

•    converters for connection to a 3-phase AC system,

•    inverters for connection to DC buses which are supplied with power by rectifier or rectifier/regenerative units.

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES are available, among others, as compact units and chassis units.

•    Compact PLUS units

are the specialists for limited space conditions. The “BOOKSIZE” format in IP20 degree of protection and the ideal connection system of the units makes the design of extremely compact

multi-motor drives possible. Compact PLUS units can be mounted into 300 mm deep cabinets.

•    Compact units

are designed in the space-saving “BOOKSIZE” format with IP20 degree of protection. The units are simply suspended from a standard DIN G rail and attached to the bottom of the unit with a

screw fastening.

Compact units can be built into cabinets with a depth of ≥ 400 mm.

•    Chassis units

are designed with IP00 degree of protection:

The covers conform with the safety regulations to VDE 0113 Part 5 and VDE 0106 Part 100 (VBG4). IP20 degree of protection can also be achieved later with an optional assembly kit.

The compact and chassis units can be installed without any space between them.

Technical specifications



General technical data for Compact PLUS, compact and chassis units

Cooling type

Forced ventilation using an integral fan



Permissible ambient and cooling-medium temperature during operation

0 °C to +40 °C (reduction curves for +40 °C < T < +50 °C)

Water-cooled (for compact and chassis units only) 

  • Cooling water inlet temperature

5 °C to +38 °C

  • Permissible ambient temperature during operation

0 °C to +40 °C

Permissible ambient temperature during storage and transport

-25 °C to +70 °C

Installation altitude

≤ 1000 m above sea level (100 % load capability)

> 1000 m to 4000 m above sea level (reduction curves)

Humidity rating

Relative humidity ≤ 85 %, moisture condensation not permissible

Climatic category

Class 3K3 to EN 60 721-3-3

Environmental class

Class 3C2 to EN 60 721-3-3


Pollution degree 2 to DIN VDE 0110-1 (HD 625.1 S1: 1996), moisture condensation not permissible

Overvoltage category

Category III to DIN VDE 0110-1 (HD 625.1 S1: 1996)

Degree of protection

To EN 60 529: Compact PLUS and compact units: IP20; chassis units: IP00 (IP20 optional)

Protection class

Class I to EN 61 140

Shock protection

To DIN VDE 0106 Part 100 and BGV A2 (previously VBG 4)

Radio-interference suppression

To EMC product standard EN 61 800-3 for variable-speed drives

  • Standard

No radio-interference suppression

  • Options

Class B1 or Class A1 to EN 61 800-3

Additional information

The units are motor-side ground-fault protected, short-circuit proof and may be operated under no-load conditions

Paint finish

For indoor installation

Mechanical specifications

To EN 60 068-2-6

  • during operation

10 Hz to 58 Hz constant deflection 0.075 mm 58 Hz to 500 Hz constant acceleration 9.8 m/s2 (1g)

  • during transport

5 Hz to 9 Hz constant deflection 3.5 mm 9 Hz to 500 Hz constant acceleration 9.8 m/s2 (1 g)



according to UL and CSA 1 ) 

UL file No.

CSA file No.

  • Converters and inverters

E 145 153

LR 21927

  • Rectifier units and rectifier/regenerative units 2)

E 145 153

LR 21927

  • Braking units and braking load resistors 2)

E 145 153

LR 21927

  • Braking resistors for Compact PLUS units

E 233 422 

210040 (Certificate 1185101)

  • dv/dt- and sinusoidal filter 2)

E 145 153

LR 21927

  • Radio-interference suppression filter Type 6SE70...2)

E 145 153

LR 21927

  • Line commutating and output reactors (iron)

E 103 902

  • 3NE1 series fuses are UR

E 167 357

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