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The new SINAMICS G120D distributed frequency inverter series is the solution for demanding drive tasks especially in the field of conveyor systems.



The new SINAMICS G120D distributed frequency inverter series is the solution for demanding drive tasks especially in the field of conveyor systems. SINAMICS G120D supports bump-free, closed-loop speed control of three-phase asynchronous motors and fulfills all the requirements of conveyor system applications from simple frequency control through to demanding vector control. With its well-thought-out modular type of construction to the IP65 degree of protection (tested to UL50 type 3), it is seamlessly integrated into the plant and supports a high plant availability and minimizes spare parts inventories. The innovative power module concept with regenerative feedback capability helps to save energy. Safety functions that are unique worldwide support enhanced plant concepts with increased productivity. This drive can be optimally integrated into the Siemens TIA world of automation via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. With different device versions (frame sizes FSA to FSC) in an output range of 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW (1.0 hp to 10 hp), it is suitable for a wide variety of drive solutions.  g120d Example: SINAMICS G120D, frame size FSA, comprising Power Module PM250D and Fail-safe Control Unit CU240D DP F

          Reasons for using distributed drive systems

•    Modular drive solutions providing standardized mechatronic elements that can be individually tested

•    No need for a control cabinet, resulting in a smaller space requirement and less air-conditioning

•    Long cables between the inverter and motor can be avoided (which means lower output losses, reduced interference emission and lower costs for shielded cables and additional filters)

•    Distributed configurations offer considerable benefits for conveyor systems with their extensive coverage (e.g. in the automotive and logistics sectors)


SINAMICS G120D is a modular inverter system to IP65 degree of protection comprising a variety of functional units. The two main units are

•    Control Unit (CU)

•    Power Module (PM)

The Control Unit controls and monitors the Power Module and the connected motor in several different control modes. The digital inputs and digital outputs on the device support the simple wiring

of sensors and actuators directly on the drive. The input signals can either be directly linked within the Control Unit and trigger local responses automatically or they can be transferred to the central

controller via PROFIBUS or PROFINET for processing within the context of the overall plant.

The Power Module supplies the motor in the power range 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW (1.0 hp to 10 hp). The Power Module is controlled by a microprocessor in the Control Unit. State-of-the-art IGBT

technology with pulse-width-modulation is used for highly reliable and flexible motor operation. It also features a range of safety functions offering a high degree of protection for the Power Module

and motor. The unusually slimline type of construction is optimized for use directly in the plant. The Power Module also has the same drilling template for all outputs (constant footprint).

          Safety Integrated

The SINAMICS G120D distributed frequency inverters are available in a number of different variants for safety-oriented applications. All Power Modules are already designed for Safety Integrated. A

Safety Integrated Drive can be created by combining a Power Module with the relevant Fail-safe Control Unit.

The SINAMICS G120D fail-safe frequency inverter provides three safety functions, certified in accordance with EN 954-1, Category 3 and IEC 61508 SIL 2:

•    Safe Torque Off (STO) to protect against active movement of the drive

•    Safe Stop 1 (SS1) for continuous monitoring of a safe braking ramp

•    Safely Limited Speed (SLS) for protection against dangerous movements on exceeding a speed limit

The functions "Safe Stop 1" and "Safely Limited Speed" can both be implemented without a motor sensor or encoder; the implementation cost is minimal. Existing plants in particular can be

updated with safety technology without the need to change the motor or mechanical system.

The safety functions "Safely Limited Speed" and "Safe Stop 1" are certified for asynchronous motors without encoders - these safety functions are not permitted for pull-through loads as in the

case of lifting gear and winders.

For further information, please refer to section Safety Integrated in chapter Innovations.

          Efficient Infeed Technology

The advanced Efficient Infeed Technology is employed in PM250D Power Modules. This technology allows the energy produced by motors operating in generator mode on standard inverters to be

fed back into the supply system. At the same time, considerable savings can be achieved in terms of energy consumption and operating costs.

For further information, please refer to section Efficient Infeed Technology in chapter Innovations.

          STARTER commissioning tool

The STARTER commissioning tool (STARTER Version 4.1, SP1 and higher) supports the commissioning and maintenance of SINAMICS G120D inverters. The operator guidance combined with

comprehensive, user-friendly functions for the relevant drive solution allow you to commission the device quickly and easily.




•    Mechanical design, installation and retrofit of a system are significantly simplified as a result of the compact and spacesaving design with an extremely low profile and with the same drilling

dimensions for all power ratings; further, the dimensions are identical with those of the SINAMICS G110D

•    Wide power range from 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW (1.0 hp to 10 hp) The safety functions make it easier to integrate drives into safety-oriented machines or plants

•    The innovative circuit design (bidirectional input rectifier with “pared-down” DC link) allows the kinetic energy of a load to be fed back into the line supply system. This feedback capability

provides enormous potential for energy savings because generated energy no longer has to be converted into heat in a braking resistor. Braking resistors and reactors are not necessary – this is a

particular advantage in terms of the space requirement and installation costs for the high IP65 degree of protection

•    Simple commissioning and maintenance as a result of the same, standard plug-in connections of the bus, power and I/O connections (ISO 23570) for the complete range of power ratings of


•    Increased degree of ruggedness and longer service life as the electronic modules are coated

•    Flexibility due to modularity for a future-oriented distributed drive concept with a high IP65 degree of protection

   o    Module replacement under voltage (hot swapping)

   o    The modules can be easily replaced, which makes the system extremely service friendly

•    Simple, standard implementation of completely distributed plant and system concepts by using products in a scalable fashion:

   o    SIRIUS M200D (motor starter)

   o    SINAMICS G110D (inverter for basic, conveyor-related applications)

   o    SINAMICS G120D (inverter for sophisticated, conveyorrelated applications)

•    The same connectors are used as for the SIRIUS M200D motor starter

•    Communications-capable via PROFINET or PROFIBUS with PROFIdrive Profile 4.0

   o    Reduced number of interfaces

   o    Plantwide engineering

   o    Easy to handle

•    Simple connection, configuration, data management as well as control of the inverter in complex plants and systems as a result of the consequential integration in TIA (Totally Integrated


•    High degree of operator friendliness by using the Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) to parameterize, diagnose, control (open-loop) and copy drive parameters in the IOP

•    The ability to connect up to six sensors and two actuators directly to the Control Unit means that almost all of the drive information can be directly managed; local preprocessing of the signals

takes the load off the fieldbus and ensures a fast and reproducible response time

•    Integrated class A EMC filter (acc. to EN 55011)

•    Integrated brake control, brake voltages that are supported,400 V AC / 180 V DC

•    Integrated motor protection using a thermal motor model and evaluation of PTC, Thermo-Click or KTY 84 temperature sensors

•    Software parameters for simple adaptation to 50 Hz or 60 Hz motors (IEC or NEMA motors)

•    Easy replacement of devices and fast copying of parameters to the memory card using the optional MMC memory card

•    Engineering and commissioning with standard engineering tools such as SIZER (from Version 2.9 and higher), STARTER (from Version 4.1, SP1 and higher) and Drive ES: Ensure fast engineering

and easy commissioning – STARTER is integrated in STEP 7 with Drive ES Basic with all the advantages of central data storage and totally integrated communication

•    Certified worldwide for compliance with CE, UL, cUL, C-tick and Safety Integrated according to EN 954-1, Category 3 and IEC 61508 SIL 2


The following electronic configuring aids and engineering tools are available for the SINAMICS G120D distributed inverters:

          Selection guide, SD Configurator within the CA 01

More than 100,000 products with approximately 5 million possible product versions from the area of drive technology are listed in the Interactive Catalog CA 01 – the Offline Mall from Siemens

IA&DT. In order to make it easier to select the optimum motor and/or inverter from the wide range of Standard Drives, the SD Configurator was developed, which is integrated as “Selection guide”

in this catalog on the DVD with the selection and configuration tools.

          Online SD configurator

In addition, the SD Configurator can now be used on the Internet without requiring any installation. The SD Configurator can be found in the Siemens Mall under the following address:

          SIZER Configuration Tool

MICROMASTER 4 drive family. It provides support when selecting the hardware and firmware components necessary to implement a drive task. SIZER supports the configuration of the complete

drive system and allows simple single-motor drives up to complex multi-axis applications to be engineered. For SINAMICS G120D from SIZER Version 2.9 and higher.

          STARTER Commissioning Tool

The STARTER commissioning tool allows menu-prompted commissioning, optimization and diagnostics. In addition to SINAMICS drives, STARTER is also suitable for MICROMASTER 4 units and the

drive converters for the distributed I/O SIMATIC ET 200S FC and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC. For SINAMICS G120D from STARTER Version 4.1, SP1 and higher.

          Engineering System Drive ES

Drive ES is the engineering system used to integrate the communication, configuration and data management functions of Siemens drive technology into the SIMATIC automation world easily,

efficiently and cost-effectively. The STEP 7 Manager user interface forms the basis. A variety of software packages, i.e. Drive ES Basic, Drive ES SIMATIC and Drive ES PCS 7, are available for




 Technical specifications

Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the following technical specifications are valid for all the following components of the SINAMICS G120D distributed inverter listed here.


Mechanical specifications

Vibratory load according to EN 60068‑2‑6


  • Transport 1)

5 … 9 Hz: Constant deflection 3.1 mm 9 … 200 Hz: Constant acceleration = 9.81 m/s2 (1 × g)

  • Operation

10 … 58 Hz: Constant delfection 0.15 mm 58 … 200 Hz: Constant acceleration = 19.62 m/s2 (2 × g)

Schockbeanspruchung nach EN 60068‑2‑27


  • Transport 1)

147.15 m/s2 (15 × g)/11 ms 3 Shocks in each axis and direction

  • Betrieb

147,15 m/s2 (15 × g)/11 ms 3 Shocks in each axis and direction

Ambient conditions

Protection class acc. to EN 61800‑5‑1

Class III (PELV)

Touch protection according to EN 61800‑5‑1

Class I (with protective conductor system)

Permissible ambient and coolant temperature (air) during operation for Power Modules

-10 … +40 °C ohne Derating > 40 … 55 °C siehe Derating-Kennlinien

Permissible ambient and coolant temperature (air) during operation for Control Units

CU240D DP: -10 … +55 °C CU240D PN: -10 … +50 °C CU240D DP‑F: 0 … 55 °C CU240D PN‑F: 0 … 50 °C

(> 40 ... 55 °C see derating characteristics) up to 2000 m above sea level

Climatic ambient conditions


  • Storage 1) acc. to EN 60068‑2‑1

Temperature -40 … +70 °C

  • Transport 1) acc. to EN 60068‑2‑1

Temperature -40 … +70 °C max. humidity 95 % at 40 °C

  • Operation acc. to EN 60068‑2‑2

Temperature -10 … +40 °C without derating

Environmental class/harmful chemical substances


  • Operation acc. to EN 60721‑3‑3

Class 3C2

Degree of pollution acc. to EN 61800‑5‑1


Certification for Fail-Safe versions

  • Category acc. to EN 954‑1


  • SIL Cl acc. to IEC 61508


  • PL acc. to ISO 13849

i. V.

  • PFHD

5 × 10-8

  • T1

10 years


Compliance with standards

UL 508C (UL-Listennummer E121068), CE, c-tick

CE mark

According to Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EWG and Machinery Directive 98/37/EG



  • Frame sizes FSA to FSC with integrated Class A line filter

Category C2 3) acc. to EN 61800‑3 (corresponds to class A acc. to EN 55011)

Note: The EMC product standard EN 61800-3 does not apply directly to a frequency inverter but to a PDS (Power Drive System), which comprises the complete circuitry, motor and cables in addition to the inverter. The frequency inverters on their own do not generally require identification according to the EMC Directive..



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